Welcome to Merchant Dept Pool: Ticker (OPSCH)

Please support our veteran owned Small Staking Pool.

Grow with us where your future shines. 

Our Pool only charges the low rate of 1% with a fixed fee of 340 ADA.  

Passive Income by Staking:

Staking ADA  provides ADA  holders also known as delegators  with rewards - in addition to the potential market price gains. The more ADA  you stake/hold, the more rewards you can earn.

Estimate compound of 5-5.5 percent interest rate yearly. The cool part is that holders/delegators have the potential to earn rewards every 5 days.

Where to buy Cardano

You can create an account of on an exchange or mobile app:


Coinbase: https://www.coinbase.com/

Coinbase Pro: https://pro.coinbase.com/

Binance.US: https://www.binance.us/en/home

Kraken: https://www.kraken.com/

Next Epoch Payout


How to delegate ADA using Daedalus Mainnet Wallet.

  1. Install Daedalus Mainnet Wallet: https://daedaluswallet.io/ Be advised Daedalus download full blockchain and it will take awhile to sync please be patient.
  2. Create your wallet, recommend write down your password and phrase words on a piece of paper and store in a safe place. (Please create using Shelley Wallet).
  3. Transfer your ADA from your choice of exchange Coinbase/Coinbase Pro, Binance.US or Kraken to a receiving address in your new Daedalus Wallet.
  4. On the Delegation Center, click on Stake Pools and search for OPSCH.
  5. Click on the Delegation to Merchant Dept Pool (OPSCH). Input your spending password to confirm your delegation with the Merchant Dept Pool (OPSCH). Once complete you can enjoy the rewards.

How to delegate using Yoroi

  1. Install Yoroi mobile app or browser extension: https://yoroi-wallet.com/#/
  2. Create your wallet, recommend write down your password and phrase words on a piece of paper and store in a safe place. Please use Shelley Era to create your wallet.
  3. Click on Delegate Tab and enter pool ID: OPSCH (Merchant Dept Pool).
  4. Follow the instructions to select and confirm your delegation to OPSCH.

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